Do I have to complete every question?

No. the questions are completely voluntary. The more you answer the more overall feedback we can give you but every question should have some useful feedback specific to that question.

Is this confidential?

Absolutely. No information that identifies you in anyway is shared with anyone. Read more about your privacy here.

What If I think I need help before I finish every question?

YoDAA offers more than just online tools. You can contact YoDAA and chat to a real worker at any time.

What if I don’t agree with the advice I am given?

This tool has been developed based on the best available evidence and after consultation with heaps of people who are really experienced in helping young people with drug and alcohol problems. We hope it points you in the right direction and that you learn something. Having said that the feedback and results we give you are based only on the questions we ask and so we always recommend a conversation with a health worker as the best way to get a full assessment. If you don’t agree or don’t understand why you receive particular feedback, talk to us at YoDAA.

What if I already have some support workers?

No probs. You can complete this tool with your worker if you want and you can discuss the results together. Your worker may be able to help you with some of the recommendations and suggestions.

Can I show my workers the results?

If you choose you can. If you register then you’ll have your own login and password. This is completely private. When you are with your worker you may choose to login and show your results. Alternatively you can choose to email your results to a worker or service.

How much time have I got to complete the tool?

Ideally the quicker the tool is completed the better because then the overall results are more accurate. Most of the questions have a timeframe attached-so they ask "in the last 4 weeks have you ..." or something similar. For this reason once you begin the tool you’ve got 4 weeks to complete it so that all questions are relevant. If you take longer that a month its Ok, you’ll just need to do answer some questions again.

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